About IWA UK

About the Charity

Iteso Welfare Association (IWA) UK is a registered charity number 1078300 based in the United Kingdom (UK). Our programs are designed to nurture development awareness, as well as empower and develop disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in the UK and Africa. We aspire to achieve positive citizenship, community participation, life learning and ultimately, a healthy community.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To relieve poverty, sickness and disease within the UK and in Africa; by providing help for victims of natural or civil disasters, and giving advisory and support services to those in need
  • To advance education and training in the history, culture, art and language of the Iteso people and other subjects in the UK
  • To advance public education, in particular for African youth and their parents, by the provision of workshops, seminars, and training courses on subjects including health education, self-help and social enterprise
  • To promote health through education, access to medical facilities or the pursuit of healthy recreation through sport
  • To provide translation and project evaluation services

The Charity Overview

Acts as umbrella or resource body, Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science, children/young people, Economic/Community Development/employment, education/training, elderly/old people, general Charitable purposes, general public/mankind, Overseas Aid/famine relief, people of a particular ethnic or racial origin, people with disabilities, provides advocacy/advice/information, provides human resources, sponsors and undertakes research, sport/recreation, The Prevention or relief of Poverty.


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