Milton Keynes Retreat, 26 March 2016

By George Agiru

The IWA UK Easter Retreat

Iteso Welfare Association (IWA UK) has organised an Easter retreat at Haversham Social and Community Centre, Milton Keynes MK19 on Saturday 26 March 2016. The retreat aims to provide an opportunity to members and friends of IWA UK to socialize, learn, relax, have fun, and refresh themselves.

Kicking for health! Photo courtesy of Mildred Olet.

Kicking for health! Photo courtesy of Mrs Mildred Olet.

The programme starts at 1200 (noon) with outdoor games which will include jogging, a football match for children and a football match to inaugurate Iteso Welfare Association Football Club (IWA FC).  IWA FC will play against a combined team of trustees of IWA UK and members of the Community.

The outdoor games will be followed by lunch, provided at the venue. Indoor sessions on illegal drugs, nutrition, obesity and diabetes will be conducted after lunch. An informal moment of interaction, entertainment and fun will crown the retreat activities.

Members and friends of other Ugandan communities are welcome to participate. No fees are being charged for the main events and meals. However, each participant will cover their own transport costs. Participants from London can take advantage of the jointly arranged coach that is scheduled to depart from London at 1000 and leave Milton Keynes at 2130.

If you would like to find out how to join this event please contact the following people: Mr Martin Osengor (Chairman Organising Committee) on mobile or WhatsApp 07585325056, Mrs Beatrice Okwalinga (Member Organising Committee) on mobile or WhatsApp 07766707234 or Mr Daniel Outeke (Youth Coordinator) on mobile or WhatsApp 07508654992. You can view the programme for the retreat here.

Some participants who arrive early or stay overnight will have the opportunity to tour Milton Keynes as part of the retreat and see for themselves why the city continues to attract Londoners and residents of other cities.

About Milton Keynes:

Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

Campbell Park, Milton Keynes. Photo by George Agiru, 18 March 2016.

Milton Keynes is located equidistant from London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge. The government built the new town in the 1960s to relieve housing congestion in London. Its location between five major cities was intended to enable the town become a major self-sustaining city in its own right.

The city is now home to the headquarters and campus for approximately 200 full-time postgraduates of the world famous distance learning Open University.

The city is not only popular for its roundabouts and underpasses, but has hidden gems for its visitors to discover.  You may have heard about the city’s concrete cows, the 44 metres high Xscape Centre, the National Bowl, the Grand Union Canal or the Milton Keynes Hoard of Bronze Age gold found in September 2000 in a field near Monkston.

However, wide open green spaces and the huge number of wooded areas help the city stand out from the crowd. Miles of roadways and pathways weave across the city meaning you can lose the hustle and bustle and enjoy some stunning scenery just a stone’s throw away from the main areas.

The original design concept aimed for a “forest city” and millions of trees were planted; the urban area of Milton Keynes has 22 million trees. The flood plains of the Great Ouse and of its tributaries have been protected as linear parks that run right through Milton Keynes. Residents of the city have adopted the saying that “everyone in Milton Keynes has their own lake” because Milton Keynes boasts over 5,000 acres of parkland, rivers, lakes and woodland.

Milton Keynes truly is “the city in the country”; each member of IWA UK has the opportunity to discover their own Milton Keynes during the retreat!

The final programme for the IWA UK Easter Retreat at Milton Keynes is now available to all readers.


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